Best Buddies

What Happens After You Sign Up

Processing Applications

Once applications are submitted, e-Buddies staff begin the screening process. This process generally takes 1 - 3 weeks. Please note: applications cannot be processed until the references and consents are received. E-mails are sent to the references and consent contact with links to complete the short reference/consent forms.

When an application is approved, a notification e-mail is sent to the participant. The user's login for the e-Buddies Community is also included in this e-mail.

Matching Process

e-Buddies staff then begin to work on matching the participant. e-Buddies are matched based on age, gender and shared interests. An e-mail is sent to the participant once a match has been made.

Now e-Buddies can begin e-mailing each other!

Sending and Receiving Messages

To contact his/her e-Buddy, participants send e-mails to Our e-mail system will automatically forward the message to the e-Buddy. E-mails from the participant's e-Buddy will be delivered to the inbox from . To respond, simply reply to that message.

E-mail Tracking and Reminders

The e-Buddies e-mail system automatically tracks e-mail exchanges and archives messages. All sent and received messages can be viewed in the e-Buddies Community. If any e-mails are lost or mistaken for spam by the e-mail provider's junk e-mail filter, the message can be retrieved from the system.

Our system also sends automated reminder e-mails to participants if they have not sent an e-mail in over two weeks.

The e-Buddies Community

The e-Buddies Community allows participants to access our message boards as well as check their e-mail. To log into the community, participants should click the e-Buddies Community link on the left column of the e-Buddies homepage and enter their username and password.