Best Buddies

e-Buddies Safety Guidelines

e-Buddies is dedicated to ensuring the safety and privacy of all our participants with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.

e-Buddies is an online program and Best Buddies appreciates the risks involved in connecting people through this medium. Best Buddies is committed to making e-Buddies a fun, fulfilling and safe experience. Below are some of the steps we take to ensure the safety of our participants.


We do not divulge any information about participants to any third party. We do not share our mailing list with any other groups or individuals. To further ensure participant privacy, all information gathered through e-Buddies is maintained on a secure server.

e-Buddies prohibits the exchange of home addresses, e-mail addresses, instant messaging addresses and phone numbers.

Screening applicants

All e-Buddies applicants are screened before they can participate in e-Buddies. Each applicant must agree to be screened and must also provide references to be contacted by e-Buddies staff.

Matching Process

The e-Buddies staff make matches based on similar age, gender and shared interests. To help ensure that communication is only through e-mail, Best Buddies does not match e-Buddies participants that live in the same state or province.

e-Buddies E-mail System

All e-mails exchanged between e-Buddies are sent through the e-Buddies E-mail System. Only e-mails from actively matched e-Buddies participants will be delivered. The E-mail System allows participants to e-mail their e-Buddy without divulging their personal e-mail address.

Restriction on in-person meetings

In-person meetings between e-Buddies participants are prohibited under the e-Buddies Code of Conduct, unless directly facilitated by Best Buddies.

For more information on e-Buddies privacy policy and safety measures, please visit the resources section.