Best Buddies

Keeping your child engaged in e-Buddies

Whether your son/daughter is participating in e-Buddies at home or in a school or agency, your involvement can help keep him/her engaged and make his/her experience with e-Buddies successful.


Your son/daughter's e-Buddy is a new friend - ask about them. Talk to your son/daughter about what his/her e-Buddy likes and what they do. By showing interest in the new friendship, your son/daughter will be more enthusiastic about continuing to e-mail.


It takes a few e-mails for e-Buddies to get comfortable enough with each other to begin to form a true friendship. Encourage your son/daughter to continue e-mailing until he/she gets more comfortable. After a few e-mails a natural tone is created and the conversations are more relaxed.


The e-Buddies commitment is to e-mail your e-Buddy at least once a week. Make e-Buddies part of your son/daughter's weekly schedule. Pick a day of the week with your son/daughter that will be an "e-Buddies Day." For example, if you pick Tuesday, your son/daughter can get in the habit of knowing to check his/her e-mail every Tuesday and send an e-mail to his/her e-Buddy.


If your son/daughter is new to e-mail, offer to help him/her. This may require technical assistance if he/she is new to computers, or could just involve helping him/her figure out what to write in an e-mail or how to respond. Click here for information on how to e-mail e-Buddies.


You can also join e-Buddies and have an e-Buddy of your own. You and your son/daughter could talk about your e-Buddies together and schedule times to e-mail them at the same time.