Best Buddies

How e-Buddies Works

The e-Buddies Commitment

e-Buddies agree to e-mail each other at least once a week for the duration of the school year.

Joining e-Buddies

e-Buddies offers a group application that makes signing up easier for teachers. Below are the basic steps for getting started with e-Buddies.

Group Application
Create a group profile that allows you to easily sign up a group of participants and can help you track their participation.

Sign up students
Fill out online applications for each participant.

A group reference questionnaire is completed by the group contact for the participants registered.

Once applications are approved, e-Buddies staff begin to work on matching the participants. e-Buddies are matched based on age, gender and shared interests.

Once participants are matched they can begin e-mailing their e-Buddy.

Sending and Receiving Messages

To contact his/her e-Buddy, participants send e-mails to Our e-mail system will automatically forward the message to the e-Buddy. E-mails from your participants' e-Buddies will be delivered to each inbox from To respond, simply reply to that message.

The e-Buddies Community

Once an application is approved, the participant receives access to the e-Buddies Community found on Here participants can communicate on our message boards where members come together and discuss their favorite topics.