Best Buddies

Keeping your students engaged in e-Buddies

Below are tips for teachers to keep their students engaged in the e-Buddies program.


The e-Buddies commitment is to e-mail your e-Buddy at least once a week. Pick a day of the week that will be an "e-Buddies Day." This way students can get in the habit of and look forward to a certain day that they can check their e-mail.


Have your students talk to the class about their e-Buddy. This can increase enthusiasm to find out more about their e-Buddies.


It takes a few e-mails for e-Buddies to get comfortable enough with each other to begin to form a true friendship. Encourage your students to continue e-mailing until they get more comfortable. After a few e-mails a natural tone is created and the conversations are more relaxed.

Other lessons

You can incorporate e-Buddies into other lessons besides just computer class. For example, have each student learn the geography of the state where their e-Buddy lives. Students can practice their writing by writing out their e-mails on paper before typing them on the computer.

Advanced students

A challenge of many subjects is how to keep more advanced students engaged in the lesson. With e-Buddies you can have your students that are more advanced on the computer be "Computer Assistants" or "e-Buddies Coordinators." Have these students help their peers with logging into their e-mail, etc. This will not only keep them engaged, but will give them leadership opportunities in the classroom.