Best Buddies

What happens after I sign up?

Below is an outline of what happens after you submit an e-Buddies application.

Processing Applications

Once applications are submitted, e-Buddies staff begin the screening process. This process generally takes 1 - 3 weeks. The people you put on your application as your references need to respond to us before we approve your application. Let them know that they should have gotten an e-mail from e-Buddies.

When your application is approved you will get an e-mail from us letting you know.

Matching Process

e-Buddies staff then begin to work on finding you an e-Buddy. e-Buddies are matched based on age, gender and shared interests.

This make take a few weeks for us to find you the right e-Buddy. Please be patient!

You will get an e-mail once we have matched you with an e-Buddy.

Then you can begin e-mailing your e-Buddy!

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