Best Buddies

Junk E-mail Filters

Most e-mail accounts are set up to protect users from receiving unsolicited junk e-mails, also known as "spam" e-mails. Junk filters help make sure that only e-mails from your contacts go to your inbox.

To make sure that your junk e-mail filter does not accidentally keep e-mails from your e-Buddy or Best Buddies from your inbox, follow these steps.

Online Address Book
In general, it is always recommended to add the e-mail addresses of your online contacts to the address book available through e-mail provider's webmail service.

Add the following e-mail addresses to your online address book:

Safe Lists
In addition to your online address book, some e-mail providers allow users to specify e-mail addresses or domains on a list of permitted senders, known as a "safe list" or "white list."

If possible, please add the following e-mail addresses to your e-mail provider's safe list:

If your e-mail provider allows you to specify domains on your safe list, please add the following domains:

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