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E-Mail Etiquette

Below are important rules to follow when you are e-mailing your e-Buddy. Your e-Buddy will be following these rules, too. This will make sure that you both are enjoying your experience in e-Buddies and are safe.

Be Respectful

  • Treat your e-Buddy with respect.
  • Do not use bad language or curse words.
  • Be responsive. Your e-Buddy has taken the time to e-mail you. Do not respond with just a couple words.
  • Respect your e-Buddy's time. They may not be able to e-mail you every day. Do not continue to send them a lot of e-mails in one day if they do not respond right away.

Be Comfortable

  • You do not have to answer a question that makes you feel uncomfortable. Tell your e-Buddy if you are not comfortable talking about a certain topic.

Be Safe

  • Do not share your personal information like address and phone number.
  • Do not make plans to meet your e-Buddy in person.
  • Tell your parent or teacher if you are uncomfortable with anything your e-Buddy says.

Click here for help setting up your e-mail junk filters.

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