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e-Buddies Guide to Internet Literacy

"Because of e-Buddies, e-mail has become something I look forward to, and the computer has become a way for me to make friends."
- Joshua Handler, Special Olympics Athlete

"My students have difficulty maintaining friendships for various reasons. Speech problems may interfere with communication or students' conversational skills may be inadequate. These problems do not translate to the computer."
- Jeanne Sabol, Special Education Teacher

e-Buddies is currently field testing the e-Buddies Guide to Internet Literacy. The e-Buddies Guide to Internet Literacy is a comprehensive program that provides a series of lessons for teachers to facilitate e-mail friendships through e-Buddies between students with developmental disabilities and their nondisabled peers. To participate in the program, all you need is access once a week to computers with Internet capabilities, either in the classroom or in a computer lab, and consent for participation from parents/guardians.

The Guide consists of a teacher's manual with complete lesson plans, including topics for weekly discussions. In addition, there is a guidebook for student use during each lesson, which includes guided questions to assist students in developing their ideas.

If you are interested in using the e-Buddies Guide to Internet Literacy with your class during the 2002-2003 school year, please let us know by e-mailing, or calling (202) 266-2293.

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